Carrie Butler is a mother of six who has lived in Anna for nearly nine years. She is running for a seat on the Anna Independent School District board of trustees. Butler is a stay-at-home mother and substitute teacher. She’s also the Rattan Elementary Parent Teacher Association President, Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout leader and helped start the Anna Kids Lunch Program. She currently has two children in Rattan Elementary and two children who graduated from Anna High School. She also has two step-daughters who attend Melissa Schools.

Q: Why did you decided to run for the Anna ISD board of trustees?

A: I really just love helping people and I’m a big advocate for children and teachers and administration. I really just want to help people and I think that I would serve well as a school board trustee because I have the knowledge and experience. I pay attention. I do my research.

Q: Was there anything that caused you to choose to run?

A: I’m normally at the school board meetings and I pay attention. I’ve always asked the school district questions — what their ideas are and how they are going to implement them. So I thought maybe I could actually make a difference and be in on those processes of those decisions. Instead of finding out about stuff after it happened I can be in that beginning process and help shape the school district.

Q: Are you a regularly attendee of the meetings?

A: I am yes. Usually I’m the only attendee as a parent other than the teachers and staff. I sign in and usually for the last three years I’ve been a regular attendee of the meetings.

Q: Is there anything you would do different than current trustees?

A: I would. The main thing is I would like to connect the parents and the community to the school district. I think there is a lot of, we don’t know what’s going on, we don’t understand unless we attend those school board meetings. So maybe get the word out a little more about the meetings and what kind of growth we’re going through. We do advertise on the website, but I think we need to do those Facebook mentions. I’ve even gone so far as to making a little Facebook blast saying there’s a school board meeting and not because of anything. I just want parents to be involved and help make those decisions because I do think they affect all of our children. All of our students in the district. So I just want people to be aware and I want people to have a voice, is what I would like.