The council approved three ordinances at Tuesday’s regularly scheduled city council meeting.

The first ordinance amends accessory building regulations and explains the definition of masonry.

“The ordinance before you tonight clarifies the definition of masonry,” Bob Helmberger, the city engineer, said. “The previous definition of masonry required a 3-5 inch thick veneer. The clarification of the definition allows for stucco as defined in the building code.”

Accessory buildings will now have to match the masonry on the main building, and if the main building does not have masonry the accessory building will still need to have masonry of the owners choosing.

The second ordinance modifies the definition of monument signs for campuses. The current ordinance only allows for one sign to a lot but educational facilities, medial facilities and offices often have multiple buildings on a single lot. The new definition accounts for this.

Helmberger said the definition of a model home sign was also added to the ordinance. Creating a separate definition that was needed because model home signs are temporary and builders will have more flexibility with signs if they do not have to meet the same requirements as permanent signs.

The third ordinance adds the definition of retaining wall to fence regulations. A retaining wall is designed to resist lateral soil load, and will require a permit to build. Another change is to clarify what materials are prohibited for building fences. Rope, string, chicken wire, are all prohibited fence materials under the new ordinance.

The accounting firm Evans, Pingleton and Howard presented the council with the city’s audit for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2016. More than $600,000 was added to the city’s general fund, and the general fund balance ended with more than $2 million.

“Overall that was a good year for the general fund,” Kirk Evans a partner with the accounting firm said. “Good addition to the fund balance.”

The water sewer fund’s net position, also known as its balance, ended with $2 million.

“Overall it’s a good audit report for the city,” Evans said. “You’re adding to the fund balance and the Water Sewer Fund is maintaining as well.”

The council approved two resolutions authorizing schematic design for Davis Road West, from US 75 to FM 553, and for Telephone Road between US 75 and Trinity River.

Also approved at the meeting was a final plat for phase 1 of the Auburndale subdivision with 125 residential lots.

A proclamation designating April 9-15 of this year as National Library Week was presented to Melissa Library Director Lorelei Perkins.