Three candidates have filed to run for the Anna City Council Place 5 in the May election. One of those candidates is Scott North, 62, a real estate agent who moved to Anna two and half years ago to be closer to his kids and grandchildren who live in the Anna and Melissa area.

North has worked as a real estate agent for seven years and graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He has previous experience serving on the Colony City Council as mayor pro tem for eight years between 1980 –1988. Afterwards, North served on the Colony Municipal Utility District for two years where he helped to eliminate his position by merging the utility district with the city. This saved tax payers $1 million in the first year, he said.

Q: What made you want to run for city council in Anna?

A: In 1986, I was on the council where we put together a master plan for the community. At that time there was just a bunch of houses being thrown up all over, everywhere, and we needed a master plan to start developing businesses. … One of the things that we did was we annexed Stuart’s Creek Park which gave us a 100-year lease with the Corps of Engineers, and there is a golf course that has now been erected in the Stuart’s Creek Peninsula, an 18-hole golf course. Another thing we did, is we annexed a piece of land south of Highway 121, there’s a little store there now called Nebraska Furniture Mart. Many, many businesses up and down there were not there. It was just an old two-lane black top road, and as everybody knows because of the master plan and the money that was put in by the city, the City of Frisco, the City of Lewisville, that is now a toll road. We didn’t want a toll road, but we wanted a larger road and that’s the way the state was doing it in order to build it. … So to answer your question why do I want to do that now? This community is in the same place that The Colony, Texas, was back in 1986. This is about to blow up and there’s just willy-nilly going everywhere, building homes wherever you want and there is not a real strong master plan. There is one (a master plan) but it needs to be updated. By the city manager’s own words it needs to be updated right away, and that’s what I would like to see happen for future development, so it’s a controlled concise, well-run development that happens and I have that experience. Nobody else in the city has that.

Q: Have you been to city council meetings in Anna recently?

A: Yes, and what has happened is I really got involved early in the process of running for council when I heard about the eminent domain scenario with the Luscombe Farm and the water lines that were going on there, and I started going to council meetings there. I’ve been to the big meeting that was held at the high school. I spoke there as well, and I’m not speaking just for the Luscombe’s, but I want to talk about statewide. I don’t believe eminent domain should be something that is done without, to just individual home owners and things that like that. There needs to be other answers to that and so I’m an advocate of no eminent domain.

Q: At the Luscombe Farm’s open house, Nathan Bryan the incumbent candidate for Place 5 accused you of running for your own personal gain. He said that because you are a realtor you would profit by more development coming to Anna. How would you respond to him?

A: He works for an auto parts dealership, the more people that move into the neighborhood are liable to buy parts from him, as an auto dealership. It does not matter what you do in a community as long as you are involved in your community and you can help your community. I’m not going to make any more money than he will off of selling auto parts. I happen to be in the industry where we sell homes. I am not a developer, I don’t work for a developer. I’m not inclined to work for a developer. So, the development that is going on, I go back to what I said a moment ago, I am interested in a master plan so that we can have controlled development within the city. And as a real estate agent, I’m in that businesses. I understand it probably more so than other candidates who have different, diverse backgrounds. … I’ve been in city government for 10 years and I understand the ins and outs of city government. The real estate part of it just makes me understand it better. That doesn’t have anything to do with me making any more money than me selling a home down the street or selling one in Allen or Plano.

Q: What, if anything, would you do differently than current city council members?

A: I think that the council, on citizen input, should sit there and listen to citizen input. … They don’t get into a debate, insult people that are standing there talking to them. They take it in, listen to them, make a choice of what they want to do after the fact, but citizen input is designed to hear what the citizens have to say, and not stand up and run out of a meeting — not insult people at meetings. That is not what a city council should do, and … I’m going to be there to make sure that that doesn’t continue.

Q: Let’s talk about transportation in Anna. Do you think it’s important to expand sidewalks and create biking trails?

A: The current city council has looked and are continuing to look at a plan to add some more hike and bike trails throughout the city. I’m solidly in favor of that because the wide sidewalks will allow you to have bicycles, jogging trails, and people to get from one side of town to the other. They’re talking about Slayter Creek going through from 455 coming through our subdivision here (Pecan Grove) with hike and bike trails. None of that is here, it hasn’t ever been in Anna, and I think that is a great thing to continue looking at.