As approved by the Melissa City Council at their meeting on Jan. 10, the land at the intersection of Davis Road and U.S. Highway 75 in Melissa will soon be home to a Buc-ee’s convenience store. The store will be a full sized location, at approximately 54,000 square feet. This means that there will be all of the amenities that many have grown to expect from a Buc-ee’s location, including fudge and ice cream. The tentative start date for construction is between May and June.

“Although we don’t officially own the tract yet because we are doing our due diligence, things look really good,” Buc-ee’s Director of Real Estate Stan Beard said. “Everyone has the green light to be excited.”

This will be the northernmost Buc-ee’s location. Located right off of Highway 75, there are still some factors to be worked out with TxDOT. But Beard assures it is nothing they haven’t dealt with before.

“So far there hasn’t been any issues out of the ordinary,” he said. “We are very used to working with TxDOT. At this point, any issues would only involve a delay in the schedule, not a stop to the project. This city of Melissa has been very helpful. They have done a good job. They have done everything you would want them to do to bring in a business.”

The city said similar things about the Buc-ee’s team.

“The Buc-ee’s expansion team has been a professional organization to work with,” Melissa Mayor Reed Greer said. “They are creative, extremely thorough and plan on delivering another quality partner to the City of Melissa.”

Greer added that a Buc-ee’s would be unique to the area, and draw people to visit the city.

“There are only four of these in the entire DFW metroplex, with ours potentially being the fifth,” Greer said. “This is the only one they have planned on U.S. 75 from downtown Dallas to the Oklahoma border.”

Greer explained that he is excited for the addition of Buc-ee’s to the Melissa family because it will bring high-paying jobs and additional business opportunities.

“Buc-ee’s as an employer expects to hire about 200 full time employees for this store with an expected payroll in the $6M per year range,” he said. “Their employee starting hourly wage is nearly 55 percent higher than the minimum wage. Their model of sales shows approximately 95 percent of their customers come from outside of the zip code and almost 50 percent of those sales are from locations over 100 miles away. Buc-ee’s is also in the process of acquiring a total of 50 acres, of which they are platting off up to eight or more separate pad sites for secondary, but complementary future businesses.”

Kirk Boerner, assistant general manager for the Buc-ee’s location in Fort Worth, explained that not only does the company provide well-paying jobs, but also jobs that people enjoy.

“I have worked for Buc-ee’s since November of 2015 — Buc-ee’s is a great place to work,” he said. “Customers are in a good mood when they come here. It’s kind of like going to Disneyland for them. Everyone is excited and having a good time.”

The Fort Worth Buc-ee’s location is, for now, the northernmost location. It is about 60,000 square feet and should be fairly similar to the one that is planned for Melissa. Built in 2016, it is the newest functioning location.

“We get a lot of Oklahoma travelers,” Boerner said. “There are a lot of people going to and from Winstar. But being as new as we are, we still also attract a lot of locals.”