Since April of last year there has been construction on the new Walmart for the city of Anna. The store will be on Highway 75 and FM 455. The tentative date to finish construction of the establishment is the end of March 2017, and will open up to 300 new job opportunities for local residents.

A press release said to help fill these positions, a temporary hiring center has opened at 604 West White Street. Most of the new employees will assist with getting the new store ready for the grand opening in March. Applications will be accepted at the temporary hiring center Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Individuals can also apply only at The store is looking for both full-time and part-time positions.

Besides opening up hundreds of new jobs to the residents of Anna and surrounding areas, Jessica Perkins, city of Anna assistant to city manager and economic development officer, said there are other positive impacts to the community.

“Having the largest retailer in the world in our community tells other retailers that it is a place to locate,” Perkins said. “Walmart will also generate sales tax revenue that benefits the city budget as well as the economic development efforts of the community, which include parks, recreation, and attracting professional jobs.”

Perkins said there really aren’t any negative impacts, only positive ones. The new retail development at the intersection of Highway 75 and FM 455 also includes new sewer and waterlines along the new road. Perkins also said she does not foresee the extra traffic being an issue.

“These public improvements will allow for additional retail businesses and better traffic flow,” Perkins said.

Kevin Crawford, the store manager of the new Walmart, said there are quite a few of full time and part time positions available.

“We are excited to meet new associates and create a team to serve our friends and neighbors in Anna,” Crawford said in a press release.

Walmart also partners with the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, offering employment to any eligible U.S. veteran honorably discharged from the military.

These 300 new associates in Anna will join the team of 176,773 Walmart associates in Texas.