Another Christmas has come and gone, and while many people might be wondering what to do with their old trees, there are a few options for disposal.

Each year, the city of Melissa has a number of inquiries as to where the Christmas tree disposal sites are located. City staff said the most important thing is to make sure all ornaments, lights, tinsel and ornaments are taken off the tree. If the tree will fit completely in a trash can, it can be disposed along with the regular trash pickup.

A free bulk pickup can also be scheduled with Waste Connections for Saturday, Jan. 14 by calling (469) 452-8000 or emailing by 4:00 p.m. Friday, Jan 13.

Lastly, there is a roll-a-way dumpster in front of city of Melissa Public Works’ maintenance yard (near railroad tracks at Central/Cooper Streets) that is available for city of Melissa residential trash customers to utilize. The city website says the dumpster operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if the dumpster is full, residents cannot leave the tree at the maintenance yard.

Residents of Anna were able to place their trees on the curb for pick up on the Jan. 1 regular trash pickup day after New Year’s. For any residents who were not able to make that deadline, they can bring their trees to the Melissa dump site.

For those who wish to repurpose their trees, there are many uses for the needles, boughs and trunk. provides a few uses for old Christmas trees. For example, the needles can be dried out to make mulch for a flower bed. It can be used as a bird sanctuary by putting bird feeders on it and standing it up in a yard. The boughs can be used to protect perennial beds from the frost. The trunk can even be used to edge the flower bed. Finally, the tree can be used in a fire pit to fuel those warm and cozy bonfires on a cold, winter night.