The City of Melissa has started its annual winter sewer averaging for residential customers.

“It’s very routine, it’s something we do every year,” Erin Mynatt, the assistant to the city manager, said. “It’s basically what we do to help not involve summer irrigation in their sewer.”

The utilities department will add up residents’ volumetric water usage for December, January, and February, Mynatt said; then the city divides the usage by three and that will be the price residents will pay for their sewer bill for the next year starting in April.

“It actually helps residents because we don’t factor in the higher usage of water in the summer time,” Mynatt said.

She reminds customers to check for any leaks in their pipes, and to limit outdoor watering during this time which can help save customers money the rest of the year.

“We remind everybody that this the best time of year to be checking for leaks, making sure they are conserving,” she said. “Obviously, there’s really no reason to be watering their lawn so they really should not be impacting their water usage.”

Commercial residents are excluded from winter sewer averaging and are billed on actual sewer usage.