An Anna school was placed on lock down for less than an hour as police apprehended an armed suspect near the Hurricane Creek area Wednesday morning.

“Initially, all campuses … were just keeping students inside the building, so no recces, that type of thing,” Melane Woodbury, a spokesperson with the Anna Independent School District, said. “Then under the authority of the police we put Joe K. Bryant Elementary on lock down, which would be the school closest to Hurricane Creek.”

In an alert posted on social media, Anna Independent School District officials stated that police were investigating an incident with an armed suspect in the Hurricane Creek area. The lock down was initiated at 10:39 a.m. and then lifted at 11:06 a.m. after police apprehended the suspect.

Woodbury noted that the district did not believe students were in danger at any time and the lock down was just a precautionary measure.

“They were safe and secure in the building at all times,” Woodbury said.