The Anna Independent School District met Thursday, Nov. 17 to discuss the growth of the city of Anna and how it would affect the school district. The district’s demographer compiled data and presented this information to aid the board in making decisions for the future.

The report showed Anna ISD added roughly 180 students this fall. These statistics also showed positive growth within the next few years; projections showed the district should reach more than 3,600 students by the fall of 2018. Bryant and Rattan Elementary will both have more than 800 students by 2019. This growth will also reach Anna Middle School, with projections showing nearly 900 students being enrolled by 2019, and Anna High School at 1,000 students.

These projections are what lead to the three construction projects happening in the district. The district is in the process of building a third elementary, which will open sometime next year, to help with the overflow of incoming students. The middle school is being expanded to a capacity of 850 students. Also, eight tennis courts, a baseball and softball field are being added to the high school. All three of these projects were recommended by the District Facility Committee.

Another way to keep up with the future growth is by looking at housing. Anna ISD is ready to start students from nearly 300 homes in 2016. Also, district housing sales is up by 20 percent. The reports also show the unemployment rate for Collin County is below 4 percent.