Jeremy Miller was a first-year law enforcement teacher at Anna High School until he abandoned his position on Oct. 3.

Anna Independent School District Board of Trustees met in closed session on Thursday to discuss possible action against the former teacher.

The board approved seeking sanctions against Miller’s teaching certification which would make it impossible for him to work as a teacher in the state of Texas for one year.

“It’s really put our students in a bind and our staff in a bind trying to make sure the kids are still receiving the education that they need in that particular class,” Anna Superintendent Pete Slaughter said. “It’s a very popular class.”

This is the second year the class has been offered. Slaughter said Miller was hired earlier this year to help expand the class, but instead he has hindered it.

He did not give two weeks’ notice, or agree to stay until the end of the semester. The reason he gave for leaving was money.

“His basic reasoning was, it wasn’t a good financial decision for his family, but you know when he signed his contact we provide them with all their financial information,” Slaughter said.

After approving the sanctions, the board moved on to a mandatory training session.

Rick Reedy a former Superintendent of Frisco ISD, and Richard Wilkinson, a former deputy superintendent of Frisco ISD gave a joint presentation on the growing pains school districts face with rapid growth.

The pair covered issues such as site purchasing, grade configurations, portable buildings, rezoning and naming schools.

After the presentation, the board approved two utility easements for Oncor Power and Grayson-Collin Electrical Cooperative. The easements will allow the utility companies to run lines on the Anna High School property for the tennis complex, and the third planned elementary school.

The purchasing of two 77 passenger buses was also approved.