On Saturday, July 15, the Anna Athletic Booster Club hosted a bingo night and silent auction for the public. Ann Goade, a teacher for Anna Independent School District, said the Athletic Booster Club raises money to be able to fund college scholarships for students.

For the past few years, the primary method of fundraising has been concessions at sporting events and selling spirit wear. Even though the Booster Club made enough to give back to AISD, members wanted to do more.

“Due to the expenses of setting up concessions at the new athletic complex, we had to decrease the amount given for scholarships by $1,000,” Goade said. “We didn’t want that to happen ever again.”

Goade said that over the past few years, the Booster Club has tried different fundraising techniques, each met with limited success.

“In the past years, some things were tried, but weren’t all that successful,” Goade said.

A set of fresh eyes and ideas helped come up with bingo night, Goade said. A new member who moved to Anna from California mentioned the bingo fundraiser, and how successful it was in her prior area.

“We decided to give it a try and pair it with a silent auction,” Goade said. “This was our first attempt.”

The Booster Club had prizes for the six bingo games, and many different items for the silent auction. Some of the prizes were a football pack, a PlayStation 4, a TV and other prizes. Some of the guests said they were curious how the prizes were decided if there were more than one person that got a bingo in one game. Goade said they had a system worked out just for that instance.

“If there was a tie for one of the bingo prizes, the names of those who tied were put in a hat,” Goade explained. “The one drawn got the prize. The ones not drawn were given a bingo card to play a consolation round at the end of the night for another prize.”

Goade said the Booster Club board was extremely pleased with the support and turnout of the night.

“Our expectations were exceeded when we raised a little over $6,800,” Goade said. “We are already planning for next year’s event.”

Proceeds from any of the fundraisers will be used to fund college scholarships for graduating seniors and support AISD athletic programs even more than in the past.