WASHINGTON — Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) selected Erin Simpson and Noah Bert of Anna High School; Matilde Ramirez and Isaac Gossage of Blue Ridge High School; and Tyler Powell of Community High School to receive the 2017 “Rising Lone Star” award. Ratcliffe’s staff formally presented the award to Ramirez, Gossage, Simpson, Bert and Powell this month.

The “Rising Lone Star” award recognizes extraordinary acts of self-sacrifice or community service demonstrated by high school students in Texas’ 4th District. The recipients are nominated for the award by their principals, administrators or counselors.

From Anna High School, Simpson was nominated for standing out an exceptional role model for younger girls. She has pushed herself to be at the top of her class with a 4.49 GPA, and has participated in the high school band as a drum major.

Bert, also from Anna High School, was nominated for being the true definition of a star. He has been able to manage his 4.25 GPA while completing art projects, mastering computer skills and achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

From Blue Ridge High School, Ramirez was nominated for displaying a generous spirit in her community, school and home. She served her community by writing letters to the seniors at the Senior Center during the day and helping her mother cook for their local church, while taking care of her three younger siblings at night.

Gossage, also of Blue Ridge High School, was nominated for his notable devotion to his friends and community, regularly offering his time and talents at after-school events and programs with no expectation of payment.

From Community High School, Powell was nominated for her exemplary character and leadership in her school, church and community as a participant in various outreach activities. She hopes to devote her talents to becoming a Family, Career, and Community Leaders in America (FCCLA) teacher.

“I’m certainly humbled to represent such inspiring young people throughout Texas’ 4th District who’ve gone to such great lengths to make a real difference in their schools and communities. The ‘Rising Lone Star’ award presents an excellent opportunity to showcase their inspiring stories,” Ratcliffe said. “I’d like to congratulate Matilde, Isaac, Erin, Noah, and Tyler for being selected as recipients this school year and encourage them to keep working hard to positively impact others well after they graduate.”