Students and faculty at Melissa Schools celebrated Kindness Week from May 15-19, extending random acts of kindness throughout the district and the community.

Kindness Week is a co-initiative by the City of Melissa and Melissa Schools. Mayor Reed Greer annually signs an official proclamation designating a Week of Kindness in Melissa.

Students at Harry McKillop Elementary and Melissa Ridge Intermediate created “Kindness Rocks” painted with colorful messages of positivity. The rocks were placed in random spots around town for anyone to stumble upon.

The intermediate school had a goal of collecting 100 rocks to distribute during Kindness Week, and in the end students brought in more than 200.

Theater teacher Louise Hickey worked with her students at Melissa Middle School to create a “Compliment Tree” displaying compliments for every student in the class. Her students also composed a singing telegram to the tune of “Be Our Guest” and performed it over the school intercom as a thank-you to teachers.

Emily Chapman’s students at Melissa High School created a “Take What You Need; Give What You Can” bulletin board filled with encouraging messages on post-it notes.

Counselor at Harry McKillop Elementary Tim Brown led teachers and students in creating a school-wide paper “Kindness Chain” to document acts of kindness. The chain will be displayed in the school’s main hallway for the remainder of the school year to encourage students as they see the visual impact of their kindness.

Emily Larkin organized a “Kindness Confetti Challenge” for her students at Harry McKillop Elementary. Larkin’s students documented acts of kindness on pieces of paper confetti to display on a bulletin board in the classroom.

Melissa Middle School math teachers worked with students to create a “Wall of Kindness” at the beginning of the week.

Betty Walthall’s classes at Melissa Middle School participated in a different activity each day of Kindness Week. Activities included writing cards to the school staff, writing kindness notes to parents and fellow students, collecting canned food for the Melissa Food Pantry, and making goody bags to hand out to teachers.

To see more photos and activities from this year’s Kindness Week, search #MelissaKind on social media.