Jerry Hestand, a Howe native and the son of a former Howe mayor, will be signing copies of his book “Hunting Apes in America: My Life as a Bigfoot Hunter” from 10 a.m. to noon at the Howe Community Library on Saturday, May 13. His book is available on Amazon. Hestand will also have a presentation that includes photographs and casts of footprints.

Hestand is a native of North Texas and has been involved in Bigfoot research since January, 2001. Jerry is now a retired elementary educator who has spent much of the last 16 years investigating and writing witness encounters about Bigfoot sightings in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He is also a former member of several well-known research groups. His research has extended from the swamps of the Big Thicket, Bayous of Fouke, Arkansas and also led him to the mountains of Southeast Oklahoma in search of the “Wood Ape.”

Hestand has appeared in two Bigfoot documentaries and has been mentioned in several books and magazines as well as local news articles. He said he has had encounters with the Southern Bigfoot over the years culminating with an up-close sighting in the mountains of Southern Oklahoma. In his book, Hestand documents his evolution from a child Bigfoot enthusiast to years of seeing the Bigfoot phenomena transform from what was thought to be just a figment of the imagination to a possible scientific discovery. He has been a part of Southern Bigfoot research for nearly two decades. For more information about the author visit