Anna High School junior Alexy Schofield has been selected for the United States Marine Corps Semper Fidelis All-American award, an award that recognizes high school students for their achievements in athletics, academics and leadership in their community.

The award will recognize the top 48 male and 48 female athletes for their achievements on July 13 to 17, 2017, at the exclusive Battles Won Academy in Washington D.C. Alexy and one of her mentors will get an all-expenses paid trip there to represent not only Anna, but also North Texas and Oklahoma. She is also in the top 12 eligible for the Semper-Fi National Athlete of the Year award. Her soccer coach, Scott Turner, said he feels this award is a validation of her character.

“A lot of people advance themselves through academic credentials or outstanding athletic performance,” Turner said. “But what marks Alexy are the things that she’s doing beyond that, and her willingness to give to others, so I think she brings the leadership that the Semper Fi award seeks out in their candidates.”

In school Alexy is involved in cheer, cross country, soccer, NHS, SGA, RYLA and Spanish club. She is also currently class president, and has been selected to be student body president next year. Coach Turner said she is tenacious in terms of being prepared and staying on top of her multiple AP classes and her obligations. He said she really puts the team first when she plays in his team.

“She brings a tremendous determination and fortitude and she has this really bright and positive personality. She has a very strong drive to succeed and willingness to do more,” Turner said. “She is a natural leader, very competitive. And she has this will to do what the team needs, she leaves everything on the field and really gives of herself to a greater purpose beyond herself. ”

Alexy said she has gotten very good at managing her own time even with everything she has going on. She hopes to attend the Naval Academy after she graduates next spring and major in Oceanic Engineering, a path which she chose after spending part of her summer in 2016 at a STEM camp there.

“I’ve had so many awesome teachers and I’ve met so many great people in my life and I’ve been able to see how their leadership has changed me,” Alexy said. “And I want to be able to do the same thing for other people.”

Turner said Schofield’s the type of person who would embrace and honor the responsibility that comes with the award and he hopes the award will resonate throughout her life and open many doors for her.

“My family is so supportive and my teachers and administrators have helped so much. My cheer and soccer coaches are always there to help me and they have taught me a lot about leadership from playing their sports,” Alexy said. “I’m really thankful to have them there to help me get to this point. I couldn’t have done it without them.”