Most people see goats as just an animal, but there are others that perceive them as more than that. One local resident has discovered they can be pets, almost like family. Maddison Alldredge, an 11 year old from Melissa, has learned there is more to a goat than meets the eye.

Due to having too many babies to show at one time, Taylor Hoffman — an 18 year old from McKinney and also head of the heard at Triple T-R ranch — recruited Maddison to help her show the goats at fairs. At the state fair last year, Maddison placed well, but did not win. Together, the girls used the time to work on Maddion’s showmanship skills.

Over the past year, Hoffman has taught Maddison all the characteristics of a good doe. She has also shown Maddison how to care for the doe, how to clip and groom them and gave her pointers on her own sportsmanship. Maddison has traveled to Oklahoma and Louisiana with Hoffman, showing the goats and learning the ins and outs of the business.

In addition, Maddison has helped birth countless kids (baby goats) and has even kept a few of them at her own house to bottle feed them. She said she has always loved animals.

“I like getting to know the different personalities of the goats and bonding with them,” she said. “They are kind of like big dogs.”

She said one of her favorite part of the job is taking care of the goats themselves.

“I am most proud of being responsible for the goats and putting them first,” she said.

Maddison was told that she had to make it through one kidding season without any complaints before she would be able to get her own goat — something she accomplished. She woke up early every morning to bottle feed the babies and milk the moms, and never once complained.

For anybody interested in getting into showing goats, Maddison has some advice.

“It’s a lot of work,” she said. “Working with the goats and practicing leading and setting them is a great place to start. That way they’re comfortable in the ring.”

In the past year alone Maddison has won a few awards. Not only did she win first place in showmanship in Corsicana, Texas, she is also a champion and has won several first place ribbons, a reserved champ banner and a grand champion while showing one of Hoffman’s does.